Petal Snow Storm

Unsurprisingly Japanese has a special word– hanafubuki — to describe cherry blossoms as their petals swirl around. The meaning of the first group of syllables, hana, is flower and the second, fubuki, is snow storm. It is really an amazing sight when the wind blows and the petals fill the air like giant snowflakes. Though a little sad, I appreciate the flowers’ remarkable beauty again in this evolved form. After they drift to the ground, the petals gather on the ground until someone comes to sweep them up. Replacing the petals, leaves turn the trees turn green and the blossoms into a fading memory.

By the banks of the Meguro River

The petals gather on the water’s surface until the current gently washes them away.

Don’t they look like snowflakes?

They are so lovely.

Each and every one of them.

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