Meiji Chocolate gets a Makeover

Good news. Meiji Chocolate has changed its image. Gone is the gold lettering with 70s retro styling. To my eyes, the bar’s former presentation was enticing but, frankly, boring. Not to mention, the chocolate’s taste was vaguely reminiscent of the Burnt Sienna crayon (one of the mid-range browns in the 64-color box). Not that I was ever a crayon-eater. That was another breed of kid altogether.

But while we’re on my childhood, I remember when the Nestle bars I knew and loved underwent a similar transformation. The wrappers’ color schemes remained basically the same: red and white for plain milk or the blue and white for the almond-studded version. It was the loss of the brand’s distinctive lettering that I really mourned. In lieu of its distinctive, sharply angled font, they substituted rounder, more European-looking letters. And from that point on, the product just wasn’t the same. I may even have switched my allegiance to Hershey — a true indication of how grave the situation had become.

We are convinced that the Meiji makeover is more than skin deep. But in a good way. The chocolate flavor of the reborn bar is more convincing and its texture far more toothsome. It is amazing what can be done with food additives today. Perhaps the recipe changed or maybe the bar’s updated look has us hoodwinked. While the girls are a little dismayed by the new label, I have to admit that I find it very pleasing. The brand name is bold and assertive (but not in-your-face), the lower-case letters fit together nicely and the font has a fresh feel that continues to draw my eye. I think the designer got it just right.

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