Pippi’s Omimai

Very regrettably, Pippi had a bad encounter with a pair of rather aggressive beagles about ten days ago in Arisugawa Park. While Pippi was greeting a friendly labradoodle that she knows, two beagles on a double leash lunged at her. In turn, Pippi lunged back and a bit of a tussle ensued. By the time we could pull the dogs apart, Pippi’s ear was dripping with blood. The opposing dogs were completely unscathed. Pippi’s injury resulted in stitches, a snood-like bandage to keep the ear in place and, the crowning blow, an erizabesu cora (aka Elizabeth collar). Despite her regalia, Pippi has still managed to play fetch with her friends, Humphrey and Scout, every morning in the batting cage not far from home.

Yesterday, when we showed up , a most remarkable thing occurred. One of the older, Japanese women who lives right near the batting cage, appeared at the fence with a small, red and white bag. I had seen her before but we had never actually spoken to one another, just the usual slight head bow of acknowledgement. This time, she addressed me full on and offered me the bag as an omimai or sympathy gift for Pippi. Cognizant of Pippi’s love of apples, she had kindly placed one red and one yellow in the bag for her. Only in Japan.

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