Driving Range Oshibori

One thing I love about Japan are oshibori, the little, wet towels often presented before a meal or on other occasions when a refreshing wash-up might be welcome. The other day I was at the golf driving range practicing my newly acquired chip-n-run shot. Located in the heart of Tokyo, our driving range of choice at Meiji Jingu Gaien is a happening place. I always take note of our fellow patrons. Most appear to be retirees but there is always a smattering of younger folk. The other day I saw a woman teeing up in stilettos. Now that was interesting.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I spotted this oshibori dispenser. As you can see, it offers both hot and cold towels, each one individually wrapped in a vinyl pouch. Golfers are free to take the towel of his or her choice to their assigned driving range berth. I have yet to take advantage of my complimentary oshibori but who knows? When I hit the driving range in the heat of the Japanese summer, I will probably be sweating more than just the small stuff.

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