Bento Box Tools

Since we are on the subject of mother appreciation, now is a good time to talk about bento lunch boxes. A cherished responsibility and privilege, bento box making is taken very, very seriously by moms (and some dads) throughout Japan. Careful compositions of little bits of lots of different foods, each meal-to-go is an edible work of art. I think I missed my calling. Besia in Tsukiyono has a most impressive selection of tools for the bento box maker. Here is a round up of our finds:

Cutters for the creative.

For musical notes made of bologna and dolphins made of cheese.

A cutter that can turn a sausage into an elephant.

A cutter that can turn a sausage into an octopus.

A ring mold for making onigiri rice balls and other fish-shaped delicacies.

A punch for nori seaweed.

Pre-cut nori shapes for the lazy.

Colorful furikake rice garnish.

Plastic pink and green grass to keep everything in its proper place.

Colorful cups for the bits and bobs.

Plastic flowers to prettify.

Scissors and tweezers for fine tuning.

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